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Vue.js champion

Démarrage souhaité: 17/10/2021


Seraphin: Background & ambition ⭐️

Seraphin is the first digital insurance broker in Belgium. Our mission is to revamp and simplify insurances. We do this by allowing our clients to compare, buy and manage their insurance contracts on a single platform and wherever they are.

'Insurance finally made simple'

Last year we raised capital for an amount of 2M€ to finance our geographical and horizontal development.

We have the ambition to place ourselves as the reference of online insurance and are therefore currenlty looking for a Vue.js champion to help us keep building the insurance platform of tomorrow.

We have recently entered new markets (Flanders) to power our expansion and are constructing new digital products for our clients. A yet-to-develop technology will fuel these products. In the months and years to come, you will have a crucial role in shaping and implementing this technology and custom library.

Your mission 🎯

You will have, among many other things, the opportunity to participate in:
- the development of Seraphin's platform
- improving the client's advice and shopping process,
- participating in the creation of our new client space
- improving our internal SaaS
- the scaling and structuring of our Vue.js component library

To be noted is the fact that we are currenlty developing our own Vue.js component library (obviously it's in Vue.js, hence the Job title 😄). You will hold a key position in the construction, maintenance, and scalability of this sw-library (sw stands for SeraphinWeb) 💪.

In the context of your work, you will be in direct contact with:

  • The CTO (direct manager)
  • The tech team
  • The product designer
  • The product team

Tech environment 💻

At Seraphin, we take pride in having an exceptionally well-maintained technology: 94% test coverage, A-grade code quality, monitoring, CI/CD, linting, static code analysis + a very well-maintained doc for all our processes and architecture (on Gitbook). We are a 7 team members' crew, from various backgrounds and who all share the ❤ for good code and well crafted features !

The current front-end stack of Seraphin is divided in two parts:

  • Legacy (~35 -40% of the front-end codebase). Where we use Sass & BEM and Bootstrap. The whole front-end is based on Rails (ERB). Though no new investment is made on that part of the codebase - we are progressively migrating everything towards our new way of doing things. This part is to be fully decommissioned.

  • Our current way of doing things: VueOnRails & Tailwind 🎉. VueOnRails is an in-house developed framework that allows Rails to stay in command while using Vue.js' power on the front-end. It's like working within a SPA without worrying about the API nor routing part. We believe that javascript should be used only when needed. Thus we use classic HTML for static content (ERB Rails syntax) and plug Vue.js components only where required. If the page needs to be 100% dynamic → it is then powered by a Vue.js page.

Here is a preview: Seraphin's design system (password: "soleildumidi")

Our offer ⭐

⭐ The opportunity to join an ultra-dynamic Scale-Up, recognized for its performance as well as a team striving for excellence

⭐ The opportunity to follow training imparted by Seraphin's team every week to know all the facets of a scale-up (BP, Sales, Eloquence, Marketing, Digital Acquisition, SEO/SEA, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics)

⭐ A transparent and attractive remuneration package. Depending on the evolution of our collaboration, a profit-sharing plan can be negotiated with the company.

Who we're looking for 👩‍💻

The desired candidate will have:

  • 2 to 3 years of experience as a Vue.js Developer
  • experience on how to scale a complex Vue.js project:
    • advanced design patterns and architecture experience
    • components organization for a solid daily usage
    • performance improvements (lazy loading, v-cloaking, webpack optimization, ...)
    • ...
  • A good knowledge of HTML (HTML5, semantic HTML, best practices SEO)
  • CSS mastery of course - Tailwind experience not needed (easy to learn)
  • A good eye for design (and pride in products well polished)

Seraphin's team mentality is fundamentally caring and aims to develop ownership and knowledge-sharing amongst its members. Thus, the candidate we are looking for:

  • is intellectually curious
  • has empathy
  • enjoy new challenges and learning opportunities
  • likes to share his/her experiences to help grow the rest of the team (XpSharing every other week)

Want to apply ? 💪

Are you interested? Please get in touch with [email protected] (CTO) to quickly explain your candidacy and organize a meeting.

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