Product & UX Designer - CLOSED
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Product & UX Designer - CLOSED

Démarrage souhaité: 01/03/2021


Summary ⚡

Seraphin is looking to recruit a Product & UX Designer (with min 3 years of experience) to:
• Continuously improving the Seraphin product & the platform's UX and designing new features.
• Take a fundamental place in the discovery, shaping and building phases of the product's creation, thus working in close relation with our Product, Engineering and Marketing teams.
• Participate in the development of the look and feel of the digital experience, evolve the brand identity and actively contribute to our design system.

Seraphin’s Mission 🎯

Seraphin is a Belgian InsurTech which is developing a digital solution to protect families, property and their financial patrimony.
Seraphin is the leading insurance platform in Belgium for comparing and buying insurance online, managing them from the personal space, declaring and monitoring claims online, while being advised by experts. We make insurance finally simple!
We strongly believe that delivering the best user experience is core to our long-term success. Therefore, we have our drastically improved our product management lately and it is now based on the market's best practices. We have developed our own PM framework of co-creation with empowered team members: notably based on : Inspired (M. Cagan); Shape-Up (R. Singer) or The Lean Startup (E. Ries).

Requirements & responsibilities 👩‍💻

A. Discovery & Shaping

  • Collaborate with product / marketing & engineering teams to identify users' needs and improvements
  • Design / create wireframes ( & ) to initiate discussions about new ideas. Breadboarding & fat marker sketches
  • Use data and usage metrics to decide new A/B testing realisations

B. Build

  • Design product experiences across various platforms including web, desktop, and mobile; and ensure delight into every customer journey
  • Ensure brand continuity in visual messaging across all digital channels
  • User experience's advocator (client first) during decisions with cross-functional peers during tradeoff and priority discussions → build a coherent and scalable user experience on the long run.
  • You're ultimately responsible for the usability risk (whether users can figure out how to use it), thus you verify the quality of the features and the conformity/coherence of the interfaces.
  • Two addons are:
    • Design digital & print pieces supporting user engagement and marketing (e.g. emails, facebook assets, communication campaigns).
    • Create and design mock-ups and prototypes, and once validated, assets and sketches for developers (landing pages - components - illustrations - ...).

C. Design & UX culture propagation

  • Actively contribute to our Design System - Reusable design components to be reused throughout the whole company.
  • Document and share our newly created features to ease their adoption & understanding and to help their maintainability.
  • Participate in the constant improvement of our processes and methodologies. Promote the design team’s culture.

Preferred experience | What we're looking for

  • 3+ years of experience building amazing tech products (either through an agency exp or a tech product company)
  • A portfolio of designs that shows an understanding of design process and strong craft skills
  • Knowledge is meant to be shared, and you like sharing yours.
  • Collaborative approach and belief that the best products are built through a cocreation with Product, Design, and Engineering
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to articulate your design decisions and how they relate to the problem you’re solving
  • Deep empathy for users and a passion for solving their problems: you always build every solution with the final user in mind.
  • Fluent in English and preferably French (not a must)
  • You are Data Driven: you strongly believe that every new feature we create is to improve a metric, and you do your best to achieve that. You follow through the shipping to see if the solution delivers the desired outcome.
  • You not only like to work in fast-paced environment, you want to bring your own contribution to a speedy culture by identifying and taking shortcuts.
  • You’re comfortable within a startup environment. You understand that learning fast and iterations are key concepts: "first make it work, then make it perfect". ## What you'll get
  • An incredible environment to grow and to promote your potential. It's a very dynamic environment and we can ensure you that you'll never get bored
  • A lot of autonomy and ownership in your subjects.
  • A competitive salary + advantages.
  • A flexible working policy: from home / our office in the center of Brussels / your family's house.
  • The opportunity to have a real impact on your job. We are still at the beginning of a long story, it’s up to you and us to help us make it a success.
  • To better understand our technical stack, our values and our way of working, more info in our Playbook.


Interested? Please contact [email protected] (COO - Head of Development & Operations) with the outline of your application so that you can then organize a meeting.

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